The Redding Wiki Council members are voting advisers to the Redding Board of Directors. Their voting power is determined by a simple system of adding up their combined edits, page creation, and photo uploading. This is designed to create incentive for editors and to create a Wiki Meritocracy. Editors who attempt to abuse this system will be excluded from the election process and could be suspended or banned. Editors may choose to opt out of the election process if they so choose. Elections shall take place on the 1st day of each month at 12am Pacific Time.

Merit Score
Edits One Point
Pages Ten Points
Photos Five Points

Determining Votes

All edits, pages, and photos combined = 100% Take your current user score and compare it to the combined score. Divide the total by your score and you will get your voter percentage.

For example: Total= 1,000 Edits 200 Pages 50 Photos= 3250

User= 200 Edits 20 Pages 5 Photos= 425

User's Vote= 13%

For example 2: Total= 3250

User= 396 edits 2 Pages 0 Photos= 416

User's Vote=13%


An administrator may call upon the Redding Wiki Council to discuss the content of a page, the banning of a user, or general Wiki policy on a talk page. A vote will eventually be taken and the administrators must abide by the decision. Wiki Council members can make their opinion made to the other council members and vote according to their opinion. Not all decisions shall be referred to the Council nor can the Council call themselves to a vote.


RWC Election September 20th, 2007
  Merit Percent
steveostrowski 525 65%
josebleckman 148 19%
carlosoverstreet 131 16%
RWC Election September 30th, 2007
  Merit Percent
steveostrowski 615 61.5%
josebleckman 187 18.7%
carlosoverstreet 198 19.8%


2007-09-20 03:01:52   Though I don't see much point in the voting, it does give me a good idea that perhaps on other wikis, we should employ such a system to reward people on the basis of their merits at bbqs. —DavidPoole