This section is for couples who are looking for ideas on where to spend fun, quality time together. Reno may be the Biggest Little City in the World, but this little city has tons of places to enjoy as a couple. There are also even last-minute Valentine's Day ideas for those of you who didn't plan ahead for the romantic holiday. If you have any ideas that aren't listed, feel free to post. 

Date Ideas

             -University of Nevada, Reno sports

              -Reno Bighorns basketball

               -Reno Aces baseball

Fine Dining Dates

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

  • Book a hotel room and spa package at one of the many hotels/casinos in the Reno area. 
  • The Chocolate Bar Lounge
  • Couple massages at Massage Envy
  • Spend the weekend in Lake Tahoe
  • Valentines' Vampire Crawl
  • Breakfast in Bed
  • Buy flowers from a local florist and don't take the cheap way out and buy a bouquet from your local grocery store
  • Dinner reservations at one of the Fine Dining locations listed above
  • Surprise your loved one with a homemade dinner
  • Victoria's Secret gift certificate - makes a great gift for both of you
  • Write something: it could be a poem or even just a letter to let your loved one truly know how much they mean to you. Sometimes thoughtful gifts such as this are priceless and worth more than anything else 
  • Boudoir photo shoot: Ladies, this will definitely get attention from your mate. Many photographers and studios in Reno specialize in this type of tasteful, sexy photography. Boudoir photos are unique gifts and can be made into calendars, books, etc. Not to mention, boudoir photos are about beauty, confidence, and empowerment. After taking the photos you will feel like a million bucks and your significant other will think so too. Average cost is about $150-500.
  • Pole Dancing Class: There are many pole dancing classes offered in the Reno area. Ladies, learn some moves at a few classes and bring your knowledge to the bedroom and show your man exactly what you learned. 
  • Sexy Scavenger Hunt: Design a sexy scavenger hunt for your honey this Valentines Day. Create clues that lead to special places you’ve been together and reward them with sexy prizes.
  • Attend a sporting event: For those sports buff couples this will be a great idea and you can even end up on the Kiss Cam. 
  • Visit a winery