Students in the Reno community often need a platform to share their passion. The RenoSparks Wiki can be a good place to do that. Whether the business is already rolling, or still has some kinks to work out, the Wiki will be a place where students and others can share student business. Ideas should be shared, and the Wiki can be an outlet to build alliances and partnerships with others to help your ideas come to fruition. 

This page also includes a ton of information and resources for those of you either interested in starting a business or looking for help on an existing one. There are so many organizations dedicated to promoting the success of others, yet they can be hard to find sometimes. The Student Businesss Wiki page is creating a more cohesive environment when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Instructions for posting information:

You can always refer to WikiHelp page too. 

  1. Create a username for yourself! It's super easy and opens the world of RenoSparks Wiki even more than you could imagine! 
  2. Click on Search or Create a Page in upper right-hand corner
  3. Chose a template if you would like, or just click create page. Start sharing information about your business/idea/proposal! 
  4. Save the page and comment on the changes
  5. After you save, you can add/edit tags: Add the tag Student Businesses and Student Business
  6. Save again! Once you go back to the main Student Businesses page, you will see your content. 

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Put "Tagged" Pages for Teachers (also a resource?)

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  • Matt Westfield
  • Gary Valerie
  • Alice Heiman
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