This wiki is part of the LocalWiki project and was created by Code Island, the Code for America brigade in Rhode Island. 

Who? You!

Anybody can edit this wiki, with or without a user account. If you see a page with an error or a page that you can improve...DO IT! A user called Frymaster is administrator.

What? Everything Rhode Island!

In time, this wiki can cover every single thing in The Biggest Little. See that big button in the upper right corner that says "Add a new page"? CLICK IT and add a new page.

Where? Rhode Island (and nearby Mass (or CT))!

If it's inside RI or nearby Mass (or nearby CT), it should be in this wiki. (See above re: "Add a new page")

Why? Because!

RI has lots of website, but it doesn't have ONE website that covers everything. And a lot of the existing websites aren't all that great.

Think about it... How many times have you visited a website and thought, "That's not complete/accurate/any good"? This is your chance to create awesome. DO IT!

When? Now!

See above under DO IT!

How? DO IT!

Click the buttons. Type the words. Don't worry about being perfect. In fact, don't even worry about being any good. Just add that page. See the First Contributors page for a list of Things NOT to Worry About.

Other Stuff

Wanna do something but can't? Add it to the Wish List page.

Photo Usage and Credits

Rhode Island prides itself as a community that appreciates art and culture, and this wiki should express that with great photography. But great photographers want credit for their work. 

That's why this wiki insists that any photo not contributed by the photographer him/herself or a person authorized to contribute that photograph include a credit for the photographer and a link to the photographer's original source, either on their own website or on an Internet photo site like Flickr. At present, the wiki can't support those links in photo captions, so for now, please credit all photos by adding to the list below. 

Temporary Photo Credits List

Wiki Page Photographer Original Work Link
Rhode Island Government Flickr user Arch2452

Fort Wetherill Flickr user Rprata
Fort Wetherill Flickr user Timothy Valentine