The Blackstone Valley Bike Path begins at the southern end of Cumberland and covers roughly seven miles along the Blackstone River, ending near Hamlet Avenue in Woonsocket. The main parking area on the southern end is at the Lincoln Drive-In, once a drive-in theater now a recovered wetlands.

The short, southern-most section in Cumberland includes an elevated boardwalk over a wetland that floods in the spring, terminating at a well-marked road crossing that has a "haven" between separated auto lanes. Another short sections passes the drive-in wetlands and ends at another well-marked crossing. Press the button to activate the traffic signal to cross Lonsdale Avenue. The main portion of the path through Lincoln, Cumberland, North Smithfield and Woonsocket and includes just one road crossing.

The southern half of the main section lies between the Blackstone River and its associated canal, and this section is exceptionally picturesque. The northern section includes an interesting bridge over the river adjacent a railroad bridge, which is also uniquely appealing. At the northern terminus, a short ride up Hamlet Avenue brings riders into downtown Woonsocket, where they can find a range of services.

Approaches from the South

Most riders use the approach that begins on Pleasant Street, Pawtucket and continues on High Street, Central Falls. Turn right onto Broad Street and cross the bridge from CF into Cumberland. Use caution taking the left turn onto Meeting Street; drivers can be aggressive. Follow the signs through this quiet neighborhood to the trailhead.

More experienced riders sometimes brave the city street, using the direct route of Main Street, Pawtucket / Dexter Street / Lonsdale Avenue, CF. The most aggressive riders continue on Lonsdale Ave instead of juking down John Street to the Drive-In.