Point Judith is the southeastern-most land that lies west of Narragansett Bay. It is a rocky point with cliffs on the eastern side. A lighthouse at the very tip warns approaching ship with a powerful light and a powerful horn. 

The US Coast Guard has a communications station on the bluff above the eastern cliffs, and this portion of Point Judith is classified as a military installation inaccessible to most people. 

There is a small community of houses west of the lighthouse, consisting mostly of properties rented to summer tourist. Iggy's Doughboys, the popular clam shack, is located at the northern entrance to Point Judith, where Point Judith Road ends at Ocean Road.

Surfing at Point Judith

Many consider Point Judith to be the premier surfing spot in all of the northeast US because it is a sharp, rocky point with direct ocean exposure. While Point Judith comprises five separate surfing spots, it is the central break, The Lighthouse, that merits this prestigious classification. 

The Lighthouse is a true point break with both left and right opportunities. In good conditions, this wave stands up impressively and makes for a steep drop. Generally, the right break is the favored option because it is usually a longer ride. In good conditions, it will connect to the next break (East of the Lighthouse). In truly epic condition, this will connect through to The Aves, creating a ride of nearly a quarter-mile.

Breaks at Point Judith

From northeast to southwest:

  • The Aves - a fun, mushy right; best option with southerly (onshore) winds; enter at Conant Ave
  • East of the Lighthouse - a long (for New England) right that can connect to the Aves in epic conditions; often crowded; enter from the parking lot of the abandoned restaurant
  • The Lighthouse - a true point break with a steep left and right; lefts can connect to South of the Lighthouse in epic conditions; rights can connect to East of the Lighthouse in excellent conditions; enter as East (or South) of the Lighthouse and paddle to the point
  • South of the Lighthouse - a left that can be fairly long; closes at a jetty, so dangerous in big swells; enter via path west (right) of the fence surrounding the Coast Guard installation
  • The Ks (Quays?) - East of the breakwater that protects Sand Hill Cove; mushy left formed by the wave that passes through the gap in the breakwaters; excellent in out-of-control conditions; enter via Stanton Ave (off Sand Hill Cove Rd--as if going to Galilee, not Point Judith)

For the Truly Crazy

Once, after a great session at The Ks on an out-of-control day, this author was exiting via Stanton Ave past Sand Hill Cove/Salty Brine Beach. That "surf-free" beach had a six-foot barrel, no word of a lie. Tubiest wave this author has ever seen. Clean, but basically shore break; no bottom. Watched it; thought about trying it; decided not to die. 

You might feel differently.