Providence bars, pubs and taverns number in the high hundreds. In fact, alcohol has been a part of Providence life since its earliest days. Rhode Island's "success" in the African slave trade came directly from the exceptional quality of the rum produced here. Today, Providence society largely favors an after-work "drink-up" to a chat over coffee, with many monthly events hosted in its many bars. 

Providence bars run the gamut, from the seediest dives to the poshest martini bars. The (growing) listing below includes only the most notable. See neighborhood pages for more options. Live music clubs and dance clubs listed on separate pages.

Genuine Institutions

  • The Hot Club - on the waterfront by the Hurricane Barrier
  • Wickenden Pub - yards of ale, favored by Brown students, on Wickenden Street, Fox Point


Major Establishments

  • The Bar at AS220 - epicenter of the Providence scene; Empire Street, Downcity
  • The Wild Colonial - dart boards and a pool table; hosts Drinking Liberally monthly event; Water Street, Downcity
  • Thee Red Fez - upstair bar a favorite of artists and punks


Top Dives

  • The Scürvy Dog - punk rock hangout on Westminster Street just above Olneyville
  • The E & O - hipster hangout on Knight Street on the West Side
  • Nolan's Corner Pub - punk/hipster hangout at the sharp corner of Atwells Ave and Harris Ave, Eagle Square / Valley
  • Stubs - top African-American hangout on North Main Street, Summit


Posh Joints

  • The Dorrance - signature cocktails on Dorrance Street, Downcity
  • The Eddy - signature cocktails on Eddy Street, Downcity


  • The Ivy Tavern - quality draft beers and pub food on Hope Street, Summit; try the  Bi Bim Bap
  • Whiskey Republic - many beer and whiskey choice, plus pub fare, on the Waterfront by the Hurricane Barrier
  • Lily Marlene's - booze, food and a pool table on Atwells Ave, Federal Hill; try to shrimp Po' Boy

Specialty Bars


LGBT Hangouts

The Stable - cowboy-themed bar on Washington Street, Downcity