Providence government uses mayor-council form, with a large group of executive departments and a council comprising 15 councilors, one for each ward.

The Providence City Charter tasks the city council with enacting ordinances and passing an annual budget.

Providence also has probate and superior courts. The U.S. District Court for the District of Rhode Island is located Downcity, directly opposite City Hall across Kennedy Plaza.

Providence elected its first Latino mayor, Angel Taveras, in 2010. 

City Council meets twice per month most months of the year at Providence City Hall in the City Council Chambers.  Most other committee meetings for the Council are also held in City Hall.  

In 2012 and 2013 significant transparency and open government efforts were made.  

Departments (needs edits!)

Cabinet-level executive departments include:

Arts, Culture & Tourism

Board of Licenses



Housing Authority

Public Safety

Public Works

All Departments

Animal Control

Art, Culture + Tourism

Board of Canvassers/ Voting

Board of Licenses

Botanical Center

City Archives 

City Clerk

City Council



Economic Development

Econ. Dev. Partnership*

Emergency Management Engineering, Public Works

Environmental, Public Works

External Review Authority

Finance Department 

Fire Department

Housing Authority

Human Resources (Personnel)

Human Relations Commission

Information Technology*

Inspections + Standards, Prosecution

Internal Auditor*

Law Department

Mayor’s Office

Parks + Recreation

Planning + Development

Police Department

Probate Court 


Public Property*

Public Safety

Public Works


Recorder of Deeds

Redevelopment Agency*


Tax Assessor

Tax Collector


Traffic Engineering, Public Works 


Vital Statistics/Registrar

Water Supply Board


Listing of Commissions, Boards (active & inactive)

Listing of entities receiving city funds; quasi-public agencies, vendors.