WaterFire is an environmental / public art event held several times a year in Providence. Fires are lit in numerous braziers (fire pits) floated and anchored in the city's tidal rivers. Observers enjoy a multi-sensory experience as they stroll the riverside walks, see the improbable image of fire directly above water, smell the rich aroma of hardwood and cedar burning in the fire and listen to a curated soundtrack of renaissance, baroque (European) and world music. 


WaterFire occurs in Downcity Providence at the confluence where the Moshassuck and Woonasquatucket Rivers meet to form the Providence River. At full lighting, braziers on the Moshassuck begin just above the bridge at Steeple Street, while those on the Woonasquatucket begin at the large, circular basin at Waterplace Park. Braziers extend down the Providence River to the point where the former I-195 / future pedestrian bridge cross the river. Depending on the specific event, the number of braziers lit can decrease to include only those in the basin at Waterplace Park, which represent the minimal lighting.


The number and frequency of lightings varies from year to year based on major events in the city, available sponsorships and weather. As a general rule, the city supports fortnightly lightings through the summer months and occasional lightings year-round. Lightings outside the summer months tend to coincide with other events, such as New Years, Halloween, Parents Weekends at local universities or other major meetings and conventions held at the Providence Convention Center.

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