The Wiki Wish List is a list of things we'd like to do to make the wiki better. Please add your idea to the bottom TOP of the list. 

Radio Station Coverage Map

A map that shows the rough coverage areas of various stations as circles centered at the stations' transmitters. Each station should have its own map, but a group-edited map of all FM and all AM stations would show where you can hear what station. 

Multicolored Maps

At present, maps only allow one color for shapes. It would be great if we could have multiple colors. 


The map on the Cities & Towns page has five shapes, one for each county; but they all are the same color, so the effect is lost.

ACTION: Submitted as a request to localwiki developers group via their Github

Text Wrap

It would be awesome if we could make the text wrap around images the same way they wrap around maps. 


RESOLUTION: This was a capability all along that we did not know about. In EDITING MODE ONLY, double click the image to get a dialog box. Please set alignment to Right.