About the Office of Neighborhood Safety

The Office of Neighborhood Safety is a gun violence prevention program run by the city. It has made headlines for its unorthodox approach to gun violence: rigorous counseling of folks who are particularly at-risk and involved in gun violence, plus a monthly stipend and travel for those who are meeting their life goals as outlined during counseling. The ONS provides advocacy and raises resources on behalf of at-risk populations in the following ways:

  • Program Development and Implementation (increasing programs and service opportunities);
  • Capacity Building (strengthening the city’s ability to provide culturally competent – comprehensive alternatives to gun violence); and
  • Service Coordination (focus, organization and communication).

ONS in the News

  • 2014-June-14: "A City That Pays Criminals to Behave", Al Jazeera America. This article talks about the successes of the ONS in counseling young men at-risk of gun violence. These men map out their life plans, then learn skills to act upon those desires through intensive counseling and inter/national travel with a member of a rival gang. They are paid a $1000 monthly stipend so long as they remain good on following their goals. Since its inception, 64 of 68 participating men have survived gun violence, and many are attending 4-year colleges.


Address 440 civic Center Plaza, Ste. 360                                                                                           
Telephone 510-620-5449
Website http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us
Hours Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. –  5:00 p.m.
Languages in which services are offered English
Cost N/A
Income Criteria N/A