Ann Beretta is a punk rock band from Richmond. Formed in 1996 by Rob Huddleston, Leer Baker, Chris Rupp and Russ Jones (Leer and Chris later left), this band plays straightforward punk with small doses of rockabilly and country mixed into their sound.

The band spent several years on tour playing with bands including Hot Water Music, ALL, the Bouncing Souls, Less Than Jake and city-mates Avail. They have released albums on Fueled by Ramen and Lookout! Records. However, after their 2001 release New Union Old Glory, they left Lookout! to release their next album on with Canadian label Union Label Group. At this point the band is on hiatus, while Rob and Russ focus on their current project, The Foundation Band. Leer and Chris left the band in mid 1999 to start Sixer. Danny is currently the bassist/vocalist in Red Angel Dragnet.

After nearly three years, it was announced in March 2008 that the band would reunite April 26 for a hometown show with more gigs to be announced soon.

Band members

  • Rob Huddleston (guitar/vocals)
  • Donovan Greer (bass)
  • Russ Jones (drums)

Former members

  • Danny (bass)
  • Leer Baker (guitar/vocals)
  • Chris Rupp (bass)
  • Matt Bedford (bass)


  • Nobody's Heroes EP - 1996/97 unknown
  • Bitter Tongues - February 27, 1998 on Fueled by Ramen
  • Burning Bridges 7" - 1998 on Fueled by Ramen
  • Burning Bridges EP - 1999 on Fueled by Ramen
  • To All Our Fallen Heroes - 1999 on Lookout!
  • The Other Side Of The Coin (Ann Beretta CD) - 1999 on Whitehouse Records
  • ...And The Band Played On-Live At Home - 2000 on Raw Power Records
  • New Union Old Glory - 2001 on Lookout!
  • Newtown Grunts Split 7" - 2001 on Wakusei Records/Speedowax Records
  • Three Chord Revolution - 2003 on Union 2112 Records

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