Richmond CenterStage

When completed, CenterStage will be located at the corner of 6th Street and Grace Street.

The blog Save Richmond has garnered national attention for its reporting on this long-running project, which has been referred to as Richmond's "Bridge to Nowhere." Save Richmond won the 2005 Laurence E. Richardson Award from The Virginia Coalition For Open Government for uncovering the true finances of the publicly-funded project, which has wasted millions in taxpayers dollars to date. The bloggers are currently challenging an ordinance passed by Richmond City Council that seeks to shield CenterStage and the CenterStage Foundation from future Freedom of Information Act inquiries.


Architect's Drawing of Richmond CenterStage
  • Carpenter Theatre - A large hall primarily for traditional theatrical and musical performances. Seats up to 1,760 patrons.
  • Libby Gottwald Community Playhouse - A smaller, more intimate theatre featuring fully configurable seating and stage setups for audiences up to 200.
  • Rhythm Hall - An open setting that seats up to 150 for local performances and events.
  • Genworth BrightLights Education Center - Dedicated to educating Richmond's youth about theatre and performing arts, with educational programs for school-aged children.

Official Mission Statement

  • To promote an inspiring environment where performing arts will flourish and strengthen Richmond’s cultural, social and economic vitality.
  • To strengthen relationships among visual, performing and all cultural arts.
  • To create transformational performing arts educational opportunities for K-12 students through collaboration between regional arts groups, educational systems, Richmond CenterStage and the community.
  • To assist in the development of strategies for new and enhanced performing arts venues and related real estate.
  • To provide financial support for the operations of all Richmond CenterStage venues.

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