Da Capo Va
Name Da Capo Virginia
Address # 2321 Olde Stone Road
City Midlothian
State VA
Zip 23113-9663
Phone (804)4323446
Web Address http://www.dacapova.org
County Chesterfield
Year Established 2006


Our vision is to offer community-based opportunities that develop and train leaders in musical excellence.

Our mission is to provide transforming music experiences that inspire and capture passion, equip through exceptional, dynamic instruction, and champion sharing music’s profound effect with one’s community.

Da Capo musicians serve two purposes: to experience music and serve as the musical experience for others !

Our Guiding Principles:

Develop the whole person through opportunities for self-expression, discipline, creativity, and teamwork. Achieve excellence through challenging experiences. Create, build, and strengthen new and existing communities through the common language of music. Appreciate all types of music. Provide an opportunity for everyone, where all are valued as individuals. Outfit individuals with the power to share music and impact their world

Services Offered

WE INSPIRE A DESIRE for EXCELLENCE as we give our student the tools to find “success and creativity”.

We will teach you to PERFORM!

We Promote the value of MUSICIANS & Musical Communities!

--Learn to perform in an "Ensemble"... (Bel Canto, Animato, Cantare) --Start your younger children off on the right track...(Prima Volta) --All students contribute no matter their needs or abilities. (Vivo) --Study instruments or voice in private lessons... --Auditioning for community theatre, American Idol, or a church solo? A coaching can JUMPSTART the musician inside of you. --Wish your choir could be a little better, but not sure what to do... Our faculty can help.

Choirs as Classes: Group instruction is central to our community building mission. Members of all ages become a part of an instant support community just like sports teams and neighborhood friendships. These groups are much more than just choirs. Our chorus' communities use your unique talents to improve the whole. Groups rehearse and meet regularly each semester and then present 2-3 regional performances or showcases as appropriate. Regular group instruction and rehearsals typically meet on Tuesday evenings.

Private instruction is currently available in 30-60 minutes sessions for voice, piano, organ and most major instruments. Scheduling is flexible and based on the needs and availability of students and faculty. Group instructional coaching and master class environments are provided regularly via our studio classes and special events. Students are provided a minimum of two studio class opportunities per semester and at least one public performance with the larger Da Capo events per year. Our entire faculty works together to support the group learning environments provided by concerts and studio classes no matter the specific discipline. We work as our own teaching community much like the faculty of larger colleges and universities and focus our education around creating interdisciplinary learning environments where students of all levels support and learn from each other.

Our master level faculty also provide short term Coaching to enable more targeted preparation. These coaching sessions are short term, intense, objective based learning modules targeted at meeting the immediate demands of our customers and students. We understand that you have goals ranging from auditioning for show choir, singing for an office party, to singing in church, to auditioning for Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens or American Idol, to singing at Carnegie Hall.

Events & Concerts: We present concerts and and music events at all levels of ability from beginning recitals to master level concerts and masterclasses. Some of our events are presented our our primary locations, but many are presented in local schools, churches, nursing homes, hospitals, and even private homes.

Our session finale events are always exciting as our entire Da Capo Community comes together to make music and share in multiple venues. We sponsor guest artists and ensembles and find ways to introduce them directly to the community and our students through seminars and masterclass/studio settings.

Items Needed

Volunteer Opportunities

Events advocates, Assistants and Facility representative for Vivo, our special needs music education classes.

Founded in 2006, Da Capo offers musical training in a community based, passion driven approach via choruses, private instruction, coaching, small ensembles and public performances.