EmbassySuitesNetworking is the lovechild of @homesliceva.

It is the sister to Hashbrownnetworking, which takes place on random Wednesdays/Thursdays at the elegant and exclusive Waffle House at Glenside/West Broad Street. #embassysuitesnetworking generally takes place after massive amounts of hashbrowns and waffles have been consumed, and entails a lot of drinking, staring obsessively at your iPhone will carrying on conversations with random people you met on the internet, and grousing about your job. It is open to the public.

It began innocently enough: a bad day was had, no alcohol was available at Waffle House, and Embassy Suites is a 2-minute walk away from Waffle House.

Homeslice writes a blog about things other than #embassysuitesnetworking at http://www.delbueno.net.

Here's the real-time #embassysuitesnetworking Twitter search feed.

    Useless Trivia

    • Embassysuitesnetworking would have been OliveGardenNetworking but Olive Garden's bar was not open after 10pm.