Hanover Academy
Business Name Hanover Academy
Address 115 Frances Road
City Ashland
State VA
Zip Code 23005
Phone (804) 798 - 8413
Web Address http://www.hanoveracademy.org
County Hanover
Year Established 1959

Hanover Academy Logo: Honor, Knowledge, Confidence


Nestled on seven beautiful acres in historic Ashland, Virginia, Hanover Academy is an affordable private school providing pre-school and Kindergarten through 8th grade education with a Christian foundation. We are a school dedicated to providing pre-Kindergarten and early childhood education in a loving and nurturing environment with lots of parental involvement and collaboration. Unlike many, all Hanover Academy pre-K instructors are fully accredited teachers.

Our elementary school and middle school students benefit from small classes, individual instructrion, daily physical education classes, and our enriching art, music, drama and Spanish language programs. Hanover Academy delivers Digital Age education via individual and class project in our state-of-the-art computer lab. We are a fully accredited private school and a member in good standing of the Virginia Association of Independent Schools.

Hanover Academy Academics

The Academy's overall educational program is developed from the school's stated philosophy and is organized to address the educational developmental needs of our students. The teachers encourage students to explore, experiment, create, question and think for themselves. Each student is taught to master the fundamentals of language arts and mathematics, to acquire knowledge and appreciation of science, social studies, fine arts, and a foreign language.

The faculty provides individualized instruction to each student. Each student works on his/her grade level. When further instruction is needed, each child is given an opportunity to be tutored individually during a special time know as "coaching". This time has been designated for tutoring every Friday during the last hour of the school day.

Hanover Academy has a published curriculum guide, which includes a description of each academic program offered by the school. In addition to the course content, this guide also contains specific objectives, texts, materials, and evaluative criteria for each academic course.

Academic Courses

Language Arts

We believe that reading and writing skills are paramount to a student's academic success across the curriculum. With these skills firmly in place, this enables a student to acquire information, comprehend, analyze, and communicate effectively. Our integrated language arts program consists of reading, language, and spelling, which are phonics and literature based.


We believe that each student should have a strong background in mathematics. The main focus on the mathematics curriculum is that it is a "hands-on" program that allows for individual successes. Mental math is emphasized as well as the use of manipulatives. Also, connecting mathematics to real life experiences is an integral component to understanding mathematics. Our math program integrates problem solving, reasoning, oral and written communication, and cooperative learning to foster a meaningful educational experience.


The Science curriculum encourages a student's natural curiosity about the world around them. Our integrated science program emphasizes the hands-on approach to nurture their curiosity which leads them to search to find out the how, why, what and where of the world. Teachers use techniques to foster creative and critical thinking that include observation, investigation, research, collecting, interpretation of data; then forming and proving hypotheses. The learning environment includes the classroom, field trips, and the outdoors. Last year, the students of Hanover Academy with the guidance of a local biologist, created a natural habitat on the grounds of the Academy.

Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum is designed to not only convey a certain body of information but to develop our students' interest in the world and in the importance of their participation in shaping the future. Critical thinking, creativity in problem solving, analyzing points of view, and determining the relevance of the vast amount of information provided in our daily lives are all deemed important aspects of the curriculum. We also strive to provide a solid foundation of values, knowledge and skills that will allow our students to establish personal standards of ethical behavior and to make choices based on these standards. Incorporated into all the Academy's teaching and student activities are the democratic beliefs in justice, freedom, equality, diversity, duty, rights and one's responsibility.


Foreign language instruction begins at the pre-school level. The younger students are introduced to the Spanish language through exciting and fun class activities. They are exposed to Spanish words for colors, numbers, places, transportation, clothing, and more. The students will also learn some greetings, introductions and simple conversation. Our program includes the study of Hispanic speaking countries, culture and geography. In the upper grades, Spanish is considered an academic subject in which students learn grammatical structures, everyday vocabulary, verb tenses and spelling words.

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