Richmond Free Wireless is no longer in business as of January 2009 and has been moved to the CLOSED category.

Richmond Free Wireless
Name Richmond Free Wireless
Address # n/a n/a n/a
City Richmond
State VA
Zip n/awarning.png"n/a" is not a number.
Phone n/a
Web Address
County n/a
Year Established 2007


Richmond Free WiFi, a member of the Virginia WiFi Company initiative is a community-driven, volunteer-based, bandwidth-donor-sharing FREE ACCESS Wireless_mesh_network that is growing to cover the city of Richmond,_Virginia and her surrounding areas.

Services Offered

Items Needed

If you have a broadband Internet connection, such as DSL or cable, you can share your bandwidth and give back to your community by expanding Internet access beyond traditional broadband distance limitations.

Volunteer Opportunities

Even if you don’t have broadband Internet access, you can still help out by placing a repeater in your front window, balcony or rooftop when located near a current wireless node.

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