Richmond Magazine

A monthly publication highlighting Richmond lifestyle and culture.

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Mission Statement

"To publish a lively magazine that contributes to the community and illuminates the Richmond region's past, present and future."

Key Personnel

  • President/Publisher: Richard Malkman
  • Editor-in-chief: Susan Winiecki
  • Creative Director: Steve Hedberg
  • Executive Editor: Chad Anderson
  • Managing Editor: Jack Cooksey
  • Senior Writer: Harry Kollatz Jr.
  • Associate Editor: Kate Andrews
  • Associate Editor: Sarah K. McDonald
  • Staff Writer/Style Editor: Ashley Nichols
  • Art Director of Special Projects: Isaac Harrell
  • Associate Art Director: V. Lee Aulick
  • Associate Art Director: Justin Vaughan
  • Associate Art Director of Special Projects: Mike Freeman
  • Graphic Designer: James Dickinson


$14 for one year subscription. A single copy sells for $3.95 on newsstands, except for February's issue ($4.95).

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