Alameda de las Pulgas is a winding road that goes roughly north-south through the Peninsula and through Redwood City. It is just east of Highway 280. It's not a large road but it's one of the fastest ways to get across that part of town without getting on the highway. It's a hilly road. It is pretty decent for bikes and there is often bike traffic. On Alameda, you can get from Palo Alto to Redwood City and beyond, to the Crestview area of San Carlos and to Highway 92, to Crystal Springs Reservoir and to the bike trails of the hills.

The name means "Flea Street". There was a Spanish land grant, "Rancho de las Pulgas", to Don José Darío Argüello.  

The main village of the Lamchin, the Ohlone tribe living in the San Carlos area before the Spanish settlers arrived, was called, "Cachanigtac." The name appears to contain a word for vermin, which the Spanish missionaries translated as las Pulgas (the Fleas).