3301 Folsom Blvd
Sun-Thu 8am-10pm
Fri-Sat 8am-11pm
(916) 455-2282

33rd Street Bistro is an American bistro in East Sac.  Main courses range in price from $8 to $19. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have happy hour specials as well. They also have a banquet hall available for events.


The owners of this restaurant have opened two additional restaurants based on this one: Bistro 33 Davis, and Bistro 33 Midtown.

What was your opinion of 33rd Street Bistro?

2006-10-27 14:58:36   Serves food during the weekends until 3. This is nice as I go from last call at Bistro 33 across the causeway to midtown. i end up eating the tacos at both places though for better or for worse. For better says me belly. —Users/JonathanNasca

2007-02-20 19:50:27   Good Weekend Brunch (but a long wait 'cause they don't take reservation). I'm a vegetarian, and their selection in that dept. is pretty crappy. —ElanorMangin

2007-02-24 01:16:20   The Northwest Scramble is soooooo yummy. —BrianGingold

2007-05-07 14:38:05   Great food, good service, good prices. Bistro on Folsom is a good casual place. However, Bistro Midtown has had a shady record in the past for terrible service, especially at night. But, new management in the kitchen and enough complaints has made for positive changes at Bistro Midtown. Oh, be on the lookout for a hamburger joint by the Haines Brothers. —Suzanne

2008-01-23 20:46:28   I live right by the Bistro and was initially excited to be within walking distance of a cute bistro. I find that we seldom go. It is terribly overpriced and very uninspiring. The salads are covered with too much dressing and because they are "chopped and mixed" it is difficult to get them to go light. The main dishes are circa 1998. I have a difficult time believing there is a chef involved, simply a formula for boring SUV driving (why so many!!) customers who really don't know any better. It is so wrong to want my local bistro to be interesting and good? (bad beer selection, pretty ok with the wine) —badlandsgal