Nov. 21, 2007 at Sac State Jun. 27, 2009 at Cesar Chavez Park

Agent Ribbons is an indie pop band formed by Lauren Hess (drums, accordion) and Natalie Gordon (vocals, guitar) in 2006. Violinist/cellist Naomi Cherie joined the band in early 2009 but left in October 2010. Natalie and Lauren moved to Austin in 2010.

The group's first album, On Time Travel and Romance, was released on their old label Are You Alive Records. The CD release party was on November 6, 2006 at Club Pow!. For a few months after the release, you could purchase it with a cover handmade by Lauren and Natalie.

Agent Ribbons was named "Outstanding Local Act" (Critic's Choice) in the 2007 SAMMIES, "Best Pop Band" in the 2008 SAMMIES, and "Best Pop Band" in the 2009 SAMMIES. They opened for Cake on their 2007 tour.

According to Rob Roy, they're the "hottest, most sought after indie women in Sacramento."


On Time Travel and Romance (2006)

Agent Ribbons' first album, complete with home-made CD case. Studio album released on Are You Alive Records (AYA-CD-003). Features Lauren Hess (drums, accordion, lead guitar), Natalie Gordon (vocals, guitar), Christina Maradik (viola), Michael E. Kitchens (trumpet), Mariah Aiyana (harmony), Corine Stofle ("French"). Recorded at Ambition Bind Studio with Jim Sandelius and David Houston. Mixed and mastered by Eric Pare.

  1. Buried With You

  2. Call Me Margaret

  3. Boy With The Wooden Lips

  4. La Noche

  5. Chelsea, Let's Go Join The Circus

  6. Don't Touch Me

  7. Strangers

  8. Birds and Bees

  9. Obituary

  10. Ars Moriendi

And the Star Crossed Doppelganger (2007)

Limited run 7" vinyl (500 copies) released on Seven Inch Project (Seven-001). Features Lauren Hess (drums, accordion, cello, vocals, percussion), Natalie Gordon (vocals, guitar, xylophone, accordion), Dannie Murrie (accordion, violin, piano, bass, xylophone, percussion). Recorded and engineered by Dannie Murrie at Studio Yessss, San Francisco.

  1. The Wolf

  2. That's Not Edgar's Heart

Your Love is the Smallest Doll (2009)

Limited run 7" vinyl (500 copies) released on Acuarela Records in July 2009.

  1. Your Love Is The Smallest Doll

  2. Bird in the Mirror

  3. The Taxidermist

Chateau Crone (2010)

Studio album released on Antenna Farm Records (ANT-534) on October 12, 2010 (CD) and November 9, 2010 (vinyl). Originally to be released in November 2009, in a blog post (since removed) the band reported that problems with the first recording session forced them to remix and re-record many of the songs. The album was then re-recorded at The Hangar, Sacramento.

  1. I'm Alright

  2. Grey Gardens

  3. Dada Girlfriend

  4. I'll Let You Be My Baby

  5. I Was Born To Sing Sad Songs

  6. Wallpaper of Skin

  7. Your Hands My Hands

  8. Oh La La!

  9. Rubik's Cube

  10. Wood Lead Rubber


2007-09-08 15:43:02   I've been listening to "On Time Travel and Romance" and I lovvve it. —PhilipNeustrom