This is a page about arts and "culture" in the sense of "fine arts and humanities, also known as 'high culture'". For information about Sacramento's culture, as in its "set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices", see the Culture page. (Definitions courtesy of Wikipedia.)

Sacramento's cultural scene includes theater, museums and art galleries, dance performances, and, of course, music.

On the second Saturday of each month, art galleries in Sacramento stay open for a Sacramento Art Walk late into the evening, allowing people to walk from gallery to gallery, viewing, experiencing and discovering local art galleries and meeting artists. While galleries all over Sacramento participate, many galleries are clustered into two main areas: Midtown and along Del Paso Boulevard in the Uptown Arts District. Both of these areas supports a thriving and innovative arts community. The venues' close proximity, walkable streets, interesting boutiques, and restaurants make these areas perfect for a leisurely walk. Also check out Espresso Metropolitan, a cafe that displays local art.

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Studio Space

  • Brickhouse - The Brickhouse has private secure 400 square foot studios for rent. website