2234 El Camino Avenue
(intersection of El Camino & Howe Ave.)
24 hours

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Some info originally from Davis.


2007-01-21 17:27:48   this place gave me food poisoning... but it was hella good, so i'm torn —LanceFulcrum

Beto's rocks! At 4am when you're rolling back into town and everybody else has shut down for the night, Beto's is there. Open as long as people are awake, Beto's serves Mexican food 24-7. On top of being there when you need 'em, Beto's food is slammin'. Combo plates or a'la carte, their burritos are absolutely packed with meat, which is just what you need to make it through the rest of the night. Beto's serves up huge servings in its little McD-style diner for under $5 — add to that unlimited fresh hot chips and a selection of salsas and you're ready to hit the dance floor again!