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4340 Stockton Blvd
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(916) 736-2717
Barbeque Bobby
(January 2006)
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This south of Broadway restaurant is a bizarre mix of African-themed coffeehouse and lip-smacking Midwest-style barbeque joint. It's easy to find on Stockton Blvd. because of the plume of smoke that comes from the parking lot barbecue pit in which Barbecue Bobby slowly smoke cooks pork ribs, chicken, hot-links and tri-tip. There's also a variety of sides, including candied yams and three-cheese macaroni.

It was originally conceived as a sandwich and coffee place until patrons began ordering the smoked meat in droves.

Call in before you go; the meat you want may not be available. Going at noon is the best time to get ribs, if you can handle a 15 to 30 minute wait. Tri-tip seems to be ready at 6 p.m after a day in the pit.

Barbeque Bobby

The barbeque pit of Cafe Au Creme

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2007-10-04 19:15:31   Definitely the best bbq I've had since coming to California. The candied yams are also awesome. —DanielNguyen

2007-10-05 00:47:29   Those pictures look great! —CharlesMcLaughlin