1545 River Park Dr #506
(916) 929-6655

The members of the Camellia Symphony make beautiful music for the Sacramento Metropolitan Area, and most are also accomplished professional musicians who are available for hire as teachers, in smaller ensembles, or as soloists for weddings, parties, concerts, recitals and other events.

The Camellia Symphony Orchestra is in its 49th Season. According to Dr. Allan Pollack (conductor), "The 2011-2012 Camellia Symphony Orchestra is going to be fabulous! From opera highlights, with arias duets, ensembles and great orchestral overtures and ensembles, to great works by Mahler, Stravinsky, Beethoven, Copland and Mozart, CSO will delight, challenge and charm all of you."

Camellia Symphony Orchestra (CSO) has 2 student orchestras: Camellia Juniors Orchestra (CJO) for grades 9-12 and Junior Cadets (CJC) for grades 6-8. This program is for string students who want to play in an orchestra and either are not offered the opportunity at their school or wish to expand their musical opportunities.

To purchase tickets, visit http://www.camelliasymphony.org/season-tickets/