All five classes and the after school program utilize the garden and each has their own raised bed planting box. Teachers provide students with a planting pallet from which they select a variety of seasonal crops for 2 to 3 rotations over the year. The planting pallet allows the teacher to more closely tie the class’s garden to grade specific curricula across all core subjects including science, botany, zoology, math, history, social studies, English and special topics such as nutrition, cooking, and agriculture literacy.

Capitol Campus Garden Committee Coordination Section

The Garden Committee of the California Montessori Project, Capitol Campus is a group of parents and teachers working together to improve the school's garden. This page is where the committee coordinates efforts.

Wish List of Materials Needed

  1. hand tools

    1. gloves - 20 various small sizes

    2. aprons - 20

    3. cultivators - 10

    4. hand trowels - 10

    5. watering cans - 2

    6. watering wand - 2

    7. vegetable cages - 10

  2. soil & soil amendments

    1. top soil - 3 - 4 cubic yards

    2. coarse gravel - 0.5 - 1 cubic yard

    3. manure - 10 cubic feet

  3. Improved irrigation system

    1. automatic timer - 2

    2. pipe, joints and couplings to relocate the water supplies closer to the raised beds - 50 feet of pipe, several elbows, and faucets

    3. ½ inch Drip irrigation hose - 100 feet

    4. ¼ inch drip irrigation hose or sprinkler tape - 50 feet

    5. soaker hose

    6. micro sprayers and drippers - 100 of various sizes and styles

  4. cold frame construction material

    1. enough lumber or pvc pipe, hardware, and plastic sheeting or Plexiglas to cover 6 3'x9' raised bed boxes

  5. one small greenhouse for winter propagation and starting seeds in early spring

  6. one compost bin

  7. one soil testing kit

  8. garden cart

Wish List of Plants Needed

  1. Seeds

    1. beans

  2. Starts/Divisions

    1. Strawberries

    2. grapes or other vines for capitol ave fence

  3. Potted Plants

    1. Dwarf citrus

Garden Vision

Desired CMPCC Garden Elements

  1. Absolutely necessary

    1. Improved water supply & automatic irrigation system

    2. Multi faucet sink and area for food preparation

    3. Automatic drip/soaker irrigation system

    4. Green house or large removable cold frames for the raised beds

    5. Compost bin/vermiculture bin

    6. A quiet peaceful place in the garden

    7. A peace table with two chairs or benches for conflict resolution

    8. A short fence around the garden with an arched entrance

  2. Very useful

    1. different size benches for all sizes of children to sit on

    2. Picnic tables outside the garden fence with a view of the garden for eating and garden lessons

    3. Path around the playground area (fence will eventually be moved 2 feet east)

    4. Solar oven

    5. area for native plants or native plants worked in to the garden area

  3. Rather handy

    1. different size benches for all sizes of children to sit on

    2. a different kind of ground cover for the garden area with pavers designating paths through the planter box area

    3. Hooks for coats

    4. structure for growing vines (grape, kiwi)

  4. Great if we could fit it in

    1. Observation bee hive

    2. Root observation box

    3. bat box

    4. blueberry/cranberry bog

    5. Solar fountain

    6. over head trellis for climbing plants

  5. Really cool but unnecessary

    1. Garden statues of children

    2. a small are for a rock garden or Japanese zen garden

    3. A small structure like an arched bridge that could be decorative as well as serve a purpose in creative dramatic play for the younger children