Name: CentralCity

Location: Downtown / Midtown Sacramento


CentralCity runs a blog ( that covers many of the good and not so good happenings in Sacramento's downtown and midtown areas.

Among the many topics discussed :

Growth (good and bad) , especially smart , dense growth Central City neighborhood issues Traffic & Transportation issues People & places Walkability Things that really degrade the quality of life for residents Things that really enhance the quality of life for residents The many good food choices Downtowns growing popularity and the positive effects of it anything else you want to talk about ! From the blog :

"Thank you for visiting my little corner of the web .On my site I try to address and discuss the relevant and not so relevant issues affecting our fast growing central city . In between I like to chat about life , love , and all that lies in between . . . opinions on the aformentioned topics are always welcome , so make yourself @ home & drop by often . . ."