1590 Ethan Way
across from Cal Expo and down the street from Arden Fair Mall
Hours vary. See showtimes
(916) 922-7044
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Cinemark (Cinemark purchased Century Theatres)
Payment Method
Cash and Credit

Century Theatres Stadium 14 features stadium seating in all 14 auditoriums and digital surround sound.

Several of the auditoriums are in huge domes with hundreds of seats. This is an older multiplex (started with one screen in 1967), however they have completely remodeled and expanded it with new decor and digital sound. The 2 biggest domes have been split in half to fit more movie screens. If you see a movie in one of the un-split domes, it is a very fun experience. The screens are huge and there are hundreds of seats which leads to a fun movie experience when hundreds of people laugh together. (Ask the ticket booth person which movies are playing in the Un-split Domes. They will probably respond with "Huh?")

If you are in the Arden Fair Mall area, this is a convenient place to see a movie. Century has stadium seating vs. the United Artists Theater at Arden Fair Mall, which does not have stadium seating.

The gourmet concessions at Century Theatres feature a wide variety of food: Dreyer's Ice Cream, Starbucks, baked desserts, Icees, Kettle Corn, and Orville Redenbacher Popcorn with Real Butter.

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2010-05-15 03:24:29   I would rather be hit in the head repeatedly than waste 2 hours of my life at this 'theater'. The 2 original screens were great, but they were split in half more than 30 years ago. I have no idea why people still go to see movies there. —AlanSmithee