Superior Court of California - Family Law Facilitator (916) 875-3400 Assistance with form completion, procedural instructions, service of documents, and referrals for family law and probate self represented litigants. Areas of service include dissolution of marriage, legal separation, nullity, establishment of paternity, child custody and visitation, child and spousal support and guardianship. Services delivered through workshop classes, clinics and individual assistance.

Superior Court of California - Guardianship (916) 875-6357 Services to individuals or families who wish to become guardians of dependent children of the court.

Sacramento County Department of Child Support Services (866) 901-3212 Establishes and enforces child support, available to both parents and children.

Sacramento District Attorney - Parental Child Abduction Unit (916) 875-8750 Enforces custody orders and rights of individuals who are residents of Sacramento County at the time their custody order or right is violated. Investigative assistants and attorneys work to locate and reunite custodial parents with their children who have been unlawfully taken and concealed by a non-custodial parent, relative, or family friend.

Sacramento Child Advocates (916) 364-5686 Represents children in dependency and other legal proceedings involving the care, custody or control of a minor.

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