City Council District 5 includes the neighborhoods of Airport, Brentwood, Carleton Tract, Central Oak Park, Fairgrounds, Fruitridge Manor, Golf Course Terrace, Hollywood Park,  Mangan Park, Med Center, North City Farms, North Oak Park, Parkway, South City Farms, South Oak Park, Woodbine, and parts of Valley Hi. Before redistricting in 2022, the district also included Colonial Heights, Curtis Park, Lawrence Park, and Zberg Park.

The district is currently represented by Caity Maple, who was elected in 2022. It was formerly represented by Jay Schenirer, and prior to that was represented by Lauren Hammond.

Gentrification is a problem in many neighborhoods, especially in the historically Black neighborhood of North Oak Park. District 5 encompasses many low-income communities and is incredibly diverse. 

District 5 has several beautiful parks including McClatchy Park, Chorley Park, Woodbine Park, and Nielsen Park. It also covers Franklin Blvd, which boasts amazing Latino food, art and lowrider cars. 

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