Come On In And Have A Slice Of Pie is yet another band born out of the boredom of living close to everything but far from anything.


Come On In started in the back yard BBQs of neighbors and family in Sacramento. When Uncle Bob brought his Realistic tape recorder to the yard party he caught what would be their self titled debut album. Uncle Bob released that recording to Cousin Lance and we haven't seen it since. More intent on eating than recording, COIAHASOP continued to play the yards, parks, and playgrounds of the area. Uncle Bob began recording with a mini disc in 2001. Recently, and primarily because of the some of youngest members experiences in their high school marching bands, COIAHASOP has shifted focus from being a stationary band to that of a marching band sometimes known as The All Species March Band.


  • Release 1 Come on in and Have a Slice of Pie (1983)
  • Release 2 Leftovers for Lunch (1991)
  • Release 3 Looks Like It's Going To be Beans For Breakfast From Now On (2001)
  • Release 4 If It Gets Any Worse, I'm Goin' To Canada (2003)