Founded in Sacramento, CA in 1992 by guitarist/songwriter Mike Farrell and singer/songwriter Tatiana LaTour, Daisy Spot is one of those rare, legendary local bands that inspires awe in those who have seen the bands and defies description to those who haven't. Taking cues from Brazilian Samba pop and late 60's singer/songwriter fare, they have been described as "stuck in a 1970's Carpenters time-warp" and "nuanced cinematic ragtime be-bop". Suffice to say, Mike and Tatiana clearly have something special, a musical bond expressed in Mike's distinctive guitar work and Tatiana's feathery, seductive voice.

Originally a duo, the bands first gained popularity in the local club circuit in 1992, then progressed to northwest tours with the likes of Cake, with a rotating cast of characters filling in the rhythm section. As the band grew, sweethearts Mike and Tati went through their share of emotional back alleys: Mike cultivating his heroin habit and eventually entering a succession of halfway houses and rehab programs. Mike has said of this time that, "...every song I wrote felt like it was buying me more time. Songs became like a fountain of youth...".

The cycle of destruction and reparation became too much for the couple to bear, and they ultimately decided to separate, while still remaining good friends. After repeated run-ins with the law and a number of other desperate misadventures, Mike spent a year and a half in an East Bay rehabilitation program and returned to Sacramento clean, sober and ready to rededicate himself to his music.

Shortly afterward, Daisy Spot was reborn as a quartet, with Tatiana's husband Brian on bass and Alex Jenkins on drums. The band started work on their self titled, debut album in the fall of 2003 with producer/engineer Dana Gumbiner (Night Night, Deathray, Little Guilt Shrine) who has also produced such local acts as: The High Speed Scene, Milwaukee and Golden Shoulders. It was released in the fall of 2005 under The Americans are Coming Recordings.

As of 2007?, Daisy spot is on hiatus. Mike Farrell is currently the bassist for Persephone's Bees.

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Daisy Spot (2005)

Studio album released on The Americans are Coming Recordings (AAC022). Features Tatiana LaTour (vocals), Mike Farrell (guitars, piano, organ, vocals), Brian LaTour (bass, organ), Alex Jenkins (drums, percussion). Guest musicians include Harley White (Wurlitzer, trumpet), Chris Ivey (pedal steel), Dan Elkan (vibraphones), Dana Gumbiner (shaker, tambourine, vocals), Paul Wells (Wurlitzer, percussion), David Houston (moog synthesizer), Christina Maradik (viola), Krystyna Ogella (cello), Melanie Bietz (violin). Produced by Dana Gumbiner and Mike Farrell. Engineered and mixed by Dana Gumbiner. Recorded at Brighton Sound, Sacramento. Mixed at The Hanger, Sacramento.

  1. Dance On

  2. Leinaala

  3. All I Wanna Know

  4. Reno Lights

  5. Cats and Doggies

  6. Stuck in the Mud

  7. See Dick Drive

  8. Moonlight Tonight

  9. Cheyenne

  10. Cabrone

  11. Erzulie

All songs written by Tatiana LaTour and Mike Farrell except #3 also written by Brian LaTour.