Darrick and Discordia Darrick Servis aka "D-Rock"

Darrick is a tool of many tallents ranging from audio recording and programming, to opensource programming, automobile mechanics, and music. A self-described tinker, he is well-versed in computer use, programming, HTML and database use as well. He has been involved with local radio station KDVS since 1990.

In Sacramento, he may be best known for his collection of art cars which include Discordia, Whipped Cream and Other Delights, The Refridgerator Car, and The HorseCow/Brickhouse/Hellouts Caddy. Sometimes he plays with The Hellouts.

Darrick lives in Sacramento with his cat "Bossa Nova" where he helps produce the annual Bay Area ArtCar Fest and other art events at the Gallery Horse Cow. Darrick may or may not be a member of the Sacramento Cacophony Society and wants absolutely nothing to do with the Sacramento Discordian Society if it actually exists.