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The Department of Fish and Game is a government organization run through the state of California. They are in place to help manage the hunting and fishing of different animals in the state of California. Iit was founded in 1870 as the board of fish commisioners by governor Henry Haight. In 1871 they were also given jusrisdiction over game animals. Iin 1909 it was recognized as the Department of Fish and Game. On their website their mission statement is as follows Initiative 1: Enhance communications, education and outreach Initiative 2: Develop statewide land stewardship based upon resources needs including acquisitions, enhancement and management Initiative 3: Develop strong water resource management program Initiative 4: Develop and enhance partnerships Initiative 5: Improve regulatory and permitting programs Initiative 6: Enhance organizational vitality by focusing on employees and internal systems Initiative 7: Expand scientific capacity

Even thought they are a government organization they offer some charitable services. During the summer they offer free fishing days. On these days you can rent fishing equipment for free and children under 16 can fish without having a fishing license. They also offer a service called fishing in the city. this gives people who live in the city and dont have any access to places to fish, instruction on how to fish. For more info on these services go to their website http://www.dfg.ca.gov/

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