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The California DMV states on its website:

"DMV registers vehicles in California and licenses their drivers. This amounts to about 33 million vehicles registered and approximately 23 million licensed drivers. Other major DMV functions include:

  • Recording ownership (certificate of title) of the vehicles DMV registers
  • Maintaining driving records (accidents and convictions) of licensed drivers
  • Issuing identification cards for individuals
  • Registering and recording ownership of vessels
  • Licensing and regulating driving and traffic violator schools and their instructors
  • Licensing and regulating vehicle manufacturers, transporters, dealers, distributors, vehicle salespeople, and dismantlers
  • Administering the Financial Responsibility Law
  • Investigating consumer complaints
  • Maintaining records in accordance with the law
  • Collects approximately $6.5 billion in revenues annually"

Resolving your Issues with the DMV

Smog Checks

  • The language on the DMV website says that cars newer than 6 years old (as of 2008) don't have to be smog certified every 2 years; they just pay a $20 fee. Though this gives the impression that this law covers cars made in 2002, the law is written such that the current year [as of the bill's signing] is counted. This means that the 6 years covered are, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003. Cars made in 2002 or before are not exempt from being smog certified every 2 years.

License Renewal

There has been a delay in the issuance of renewed driver’s licenses in California due to the improved security features and new design of the cards. DMV contracts with L-1 Identity Solutions to produce the cards, and there have been problems with the printers and laminators, resulting in a backlog of license requests.

If you have been granted a renewal and are still waiting on the updated driver’s license, you will be able to drive legally with the expired card. Law enforcement has access to the renewal applications and will be able to see that the renewals have been successfully processed even without your updated card.

If you are travelling by plane and have not received a current driver’s license, you must contact the DMV to obtain a temporary license. This temporary license in addition to your expired driver’s license is sufficient identification.