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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Deseret Industries provides job training through its thrift store. It is organized and supported by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. According to providentliving.org, the goal of Deseret Industries is to show struggling individuals that they are well able to provide for themselves. Deseret Industries also wants to get their trainees into a vocational school.

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What It offers

Deseret Industries will simply be recognized as a thrift store to an inexperience eye, but as the saying goes, it's more than meets the eye. The organization actually provides job training for individuals who are unemployed or lack work experience. Deseret Industries offer training in three categories such as: On-the-job Experience, Career and Technical Training, and Successful Work Behavior. Under On-the-job Experience, trainees may work in a Deseret Industries thrift store, DI Manufacturing, or the Latter-day Saints Humanitarian Center. Deseret Industries have business partnerships that their trainees can work at in there career choice. Lastly the organization have trainings to help individuals to understand expectation, dependability, teamwork skills, responding to changes and problems, along with setting skills to improve themselves, that employers will look for as potential hires(Provident Living).

Who Qualifies

Deseret Industries is open to the public in terms of who can donate and shop there. However, in order to qualify as a trainee at Deseret Industries, individuals must have a bishop’s referral. According to the Provident Living website, a bishop's referral is obtained by meeting with a bishop. Next, applicants must take the referrals to the closest Deseret Industries store. Applicants must then meet with the store’s rehabilitation team who will interview and evaluate the applicant. And then complete an Individual Self-Reliance Plan, with a rehabilitation specialist(Provident Living).

How You Can Help

Anyone is welcome to donate their belongings. Donations are accepted Monday through Saturday. Deseret Industries will not take any donations on Sundays. Donations can be completed as drop-offs or pick-ups. For drop-offs, simply take your belongings to the donation dock of your local Deseret Industries. Since drop-off time will vary with each location, please check your local store for their drop-off hours before delivering your belongings. Deseret Industries of Sacramento's contact information can be seen on top of the page. For other locations, refer to providentliving.org. Since Deseret Industries is a non-profit organization, you may pick up a tax-deductible donation receipt afterward if you choose. If you are unable to drop-off your donations, Deseret Industries is willing to pick them up as well. Please contact your local Deseret Industries for further information on pick-up services. A tax-deductible receipt will be offered at the time of pick-up(Provident Living).

Another way to help is through volunteering. Volunteers can assist Deseret Industries with processing donations, store recovery, merchandising shelves, office assistance, or trainee mentoring. To volunteer, please contact your local Deseret Industries. Identify your desires to volunteer as well sharing your qualifications, experience, and interest. The manager will consider your willingness to work and will schedule a position most suited for you(Provident Living).



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