Esquire by day Photo by RogerClark

1211 K St
Hours vary. See showtimes
(916) 443-IMAX
March 15, 1940
Payment Method
Cash and Credit

The Esquire is a beautifully restored Art Deco movie theater that originally opened in 1940. It was closed for many years and remodeled into an IMAX theater around 1998-1999.

This is a huge movie theater with a huge IMAX screen that is several stories high. Specifications (75.7 ft. wide by 59 ft. tall) It plays 3D movies and 2D movies. There is comfortable stadium seating and digital surround sound.

The tall building in downtown Sacramento lit with blue neon is the Esquire Plaza building. That is how you can find this theater.

This is the only IMAX theater in the Sacramento area. The other two are in San Francisco and Dublin.

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The theater is assigned seating so you need to buy seats early at the box office or on their website. It is entertaining to watch the shuffle during full houses as people try to hustle for better seats only to get booted back to their assigned seats, which may have been taken by someone else, causing a cascade effect.