2000 K Street
Club closes around 1:45
(916) 448-7798
August 15th 1985
Teri Sidie

Billed as "Sacramento's Premier Gay Nightclub" Faces certainly is the largest and most established gay venue in Sacramento. Faces features numerous bars and dance floors that attract different segments of Sacramento's gay community. A new expansion of Faces was recently completed, expanding the club to two floors.

Faces is unique in Sacramento's gay bar scene in that it offers a variety of different dance rooms: a hip hop/R&B room in the rear of the club, circuit music (and before 11:00pm on weekends, country and line dancing) in the middle bar, and a techno/house dance floor in the newest expansion area (now the dance floor at the front of Faces). Other new additions include an upper patio that overlooks a pool, and a bar station reserved just for martini orders, located upstairs.

Faces, along with Badlands across the street, has helped transform the intersection of 20th and K into THE night spot to be for midtown, and reaches a wide spectrum of customers. Despite being a gay bar, straight couples have increasingly become a common sight, especially on Friday nights. This is not to say Faces is becoming 'heterosexualized' as it still promotes itself as and is perceived to be primarily a gay establishment.

Despite a rather large cover charge (at least, for Sacramento) during the weekend ($5 before 10/$10 after 10pm), Faces appears always to have a good sized crowd. In and out privileges are allowed, so it is becoming more common to 'check in' before 10pm before the higher cover, and return later on the evening. Faces does not use stamps, but rather the doorman remembers if you have been inside before.

Faces is implementing a VIP customer list, which includes free cover on all Fridays for a year, VIP party access from 6-9 on Fridays, and a variety of discount text messages (free cover, reduced price drinks, ect.). Rumor has that a VIP card system will soon be implemented, similar to the New York City gay scene. To receive these text messages, text the word FACES to CLUBS.

Future renovation plans include remodeling the now rear of the club (the section on K st.).

They host the monthly Pancake Benefit Breakfast sponsored by the Sacramento Valley Leathermen.

The owner of Faces also owns Verona Village Resort, a boating resort on the Sacramento River in southern Sutter County (slightly north of Sacramento International Airport).


2007-04-21 01:10:04   i think out of the clubs ive been to in sac, this one is set up the best. I like the multiple music rooms and the whole interior design of the club. —MattHh

2007-04-21 08:20:23   Maybe there are no 40 year-olds hitting on barely 18 year-olds because it's a 21+ club. —KaiTing

2007-09-30 02:02:08   Unfortunately this club is becoming the place for bachelorettes and straight couples to be because all of the other clubs in Sac are ghetto. Sad. Wouldn't go to it at all they let any trash in. —gl

2008-05-17 20:06:08   This should no longer be called a gay club. There are more straight people here and it is really a shame. They charge way to much for cover as well. Go to Badlands; not only is it cheaper, but a much better club. —BrandonBarrette