"A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy or perhaps both." ~ James Madison, 1822

Broadcast By 'The Voice' on Access Sacramento

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About President Ford, Vali Nasr and Newt Gingrich Hear President Ford, Vali Nasr and Newt Gingrich
About Long and Hedges Hear Huey Pierce Long, Jr., Greg Palast, Charles Goyette interviewing Chris Hedges, and Samantha Power
Hear President Bill Clinton, Larry Brilliant, and Charles Goyette interviewing Chalmers Johnson
Hear President Carter, Scott Horton interviewing Bruce Fein and Anthony Gregory
About Glaser, Palast and others Hear Elizabeth Glaser, Greg Palast and others
About Savio, Palast, Danner Hear Mario Savio, Greg Palast, and Mark Danner
About LBJ, Palast, Harris, Hedges Hear LBJ, Greg Palast, Sam Harris and Chris Hedges
About Anita Hill, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and others Hear Anita Hill, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and others

Recorded in Sacramento

Preview the speeches and interviews Hear the speeches and interviews
About Scott Ritter and Jeff Cohen Hear Scott Ritter and Jeff Cohen
About John Kerry and others at the Obama rally Hear John Kerry and others at the Obama rally
About Stephen Kinzer And Martha Cardenas Hear Stephen Kinzer and Martha Cardenas
About Sander Hicks Hear Sander Hicks
About Richard Becker Hear Richard Becker
About Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel Hear Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel
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2008-03-07 11:10:39   What would be the advantage of a distinct wiki? —sgl

2008-03-07 12:22:02   Well, you are filling up the Sacramento Wiki with information about people like a former Governor of Louisiana. That's not really fair to the editors trying to make a wiki about Sacramento. It is a bit as if somebody jumped into the studio of this show and started talking about the best locations for pasta in the city. On the other hand, listing good places to get pasta in Sacramento fits this wiki.

In addition, you are "outside linking" inside links. That's causing all kinds of havoc with the stats and search system that tries to assist editors in locating entries without links.

You have some great content here, but the bulk of it doesn't really have to do with Sacramento. A distinct wiki would give it room to grow, have a unique domain and URL, homepage and editors. All Wiki Spot wikis could link to it equally ... like for instance the Baton Rouge one. Areas that get Access Sacramento (like a future Roseville or Citrus Heights wiki) could link to the Great Speeches and Interviews wiki from their entries on Access Sacramento. —JabberWokky

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2008-03-07 18:17:34   Another reason as to why you really really should set up your own distinct wiki for this project. —JabberWokky

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2008-03-11 10:52:26   People use this wiki to learn about Sacramento, look for restaurants and events in the area and things of that nature. Like JabberWokky said, you have some great content here. But most of it doesn't pertain to Sacramento, so it doesn't belong here. —CharlesMcLaughlin

2008-03-11 13:32:55   Keep in mind sgl, we're all trying to assist you to create the best format for your project — we're all taking the time to discuss this with you because we think your content is good, and we're all just chiming in to help you with the mundane housekeeping stuff that's not obvious when you're first getting started. —JabberWokky