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Hagginwood is a neighborhood in Sacramento.

The intersection of Arcade and Marysville Blvd. has always been known as the "heart of Hagginwood" not south Hagginwood. The area contained the HQ of the Hagginwood Fire Department (which had two atations), Hagginwood Drugstore, Hagginwood Barbershop, two grocery stores, three gas stations, beauty shop, cafe, dry cleaners, Finans Auto Supply, not to mention Hagginwood Elementary School (which is nearly 100 years old). A block down the street from my home was Hagginwood Floral Gardens. Our neighborhood had an active Hagginwood Improvement Association. Prior to being swallowed by the city of Sacramento water, sewer, and storm drains were administered by the Hagginwood Sanitation District. The Hagginwood Park district operated Hagginwood Park. NEVER was the word "south" used. I have no idea which interloper started using the word south. Our Hagginwood neighborhood has a rich history reaching all the way to the Kentucky Derby not to mention a link to the Ben Ali neighborhood. 

The Hagginwood fire department was a combination of "paid" professional firefighter and volunteers; albeit the volunteers were paid $3.00 per fire call to which they responded.  The fire chief in the late 1950s through the point that the department was annexed by the city of Sacramento, was Francis Lardie.  It was a very progressive department where the minimum age of a firefighter was 21.  An exception to the age requirement was instituted in about 1958 whereby 10 firefighters were authorized at age 16.  Surprisingly, there were exactly 10 sons of "regular"firefighters who were between 16 and 21 years of age.  The youngesters were dubbed "Auxiliary" firefighters and given the exact same training as all other firefighters.  It was a fairly close knit group of youngsters. 


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