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Hmong Women's Heritage is a cultural group dedicated to Hmong women.

Hmong Women's Heritage Organization established in 1993 as a support group. In 1994, they became a non-profit organization. The organization works closely with a broad range of private and public agencies, county and federal agencies, and community-based organizations.

Hmong Women’s Heritage Organization is committed to empowering Hmong women and their families in the Sacramento region to lead healthy lives. They provide culturally sensitive programs and services that educate and support families as they thrive.

Some information from the Hmong Women Heritage website.

Charitable Services

The following services are offered free.

Hmong Family Resources Center (HFRC)

The HFRC would like to try their best to get Hmong families to become more involved by helping them to be more independent and resourceful.

  • Case management service: a system that assist individual or family. It has 7 Main Focuses
  • Support social service: Services that can be requested during walk-in and do not require long term support. These services are interpreting/translation, paperwork assistance, and information and referrals.
  • Citizenship services include workshops to inform the community about the process of naturalization and encourage public to participate by providing citizenship education, small study group, application preparation, and interpreting/translation.
  • Hmong elder leadership service: to reduce social isolation for elders by providing activities and support groups to promote health and wellness.
  • Peer partner Program: Provide peer support, system navigation, and service coordination for consumers and families in the public mental system.

HFRC Brochure http://www.hmongwomenheritage.org/brochures/hfrdbrochure09.pdf

Kashia Health

The goal of Kashia Health is to reduce cancer and chronic health disparities among Hmong communities in the greater Sacramento region by promoting cancer awareness, screening and providing health navigation.

  • Cancer education includes: Cancer Awareness 101, Cervical Cancer Awareness 101, Breast Cancer Awareness 101, Stomach Cancer Awareness 101, Liver, and Self-Breast Examination Workshop.
  • Help to health access includes: Health Navigation, Interpreting, Translating, Linkage to Cancer Treatment Plans, and Cancer and Chronic Health.

Kashia Health Brochure http://www.hmongwomenheritage.org/brochures/KashiaHealthBrochure2009.pdf

Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)

YEP is a culturally sensitive program that focuses on youth development by providing safe spaces for growth, self-expression, and leadership.

  • Youth Circle Mentoring Program (YCMP): Through proper education this program empower Hmong, Mien, and Lao youth in Sacramento by talking about everyday issues. Activities include: self-healing, building unity, community engagement, and reaching goals set for success during and after high school.
  • Eternal Growth Group (EGG): Youth advisory council made up of organization such as the Office of Youth Development, the City of Sacramento, and community member for Hmong, Mien, Lao. Gives youth the opportunities for leadership skill by having them involve in community event and engagement projects.
  • Open Circle: A program that allow Southeast Asian youth in Sacramento to express their experience growing up as Southeast Asian in America and to learn from each other. Themes and topics that are explored: heritage, history, and traditions as well as leadership, communication, and team building.

YEP Brochure http://www.hmongwomenheritage.org/brochures/YCMPBrochure2011.pdf


HWHA is asking for financial donations. Fill out a donation form and send with a check or money order. Mail it to HWHA at

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Donation Form http://www.hmongwomenheritage.org/donation.htm

This report was written for Cynthia Linville’s English 20M class at CSU Sacramento Fall 2011