There are quite a few housing options in Sacramento, as well as organizations that provide housing-related assistance. Of course, if you're already in a house and are trying to avoid being kicked out of the house through a foreclosure, you may be interested in foreclosure resources (the foreclosure page may have some overlap with the Housing Assistance section below).

Commercial Housing

See these categories of commercial housing:

Affordable Rental Housing and Studios

See the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency Website for a list of affordable rental housing that is updated frequently and the Sacramento 211 for a list of affordable single room studios.

Other affordable housing:

Housing Assistance

Quite a few organizations provide housing assistance of one kind or another - they may provide subsidized or free housing, work to make housing more affordable, help people get into housing, help build new housing, and the like.

Moving Assistance

Moving Tips

Other organizations that provide housing assistance:

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