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The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program is administered by the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services, Senior and Adult Services Division. IHSS is committed to serving the elderly and disabled, dependent adults of Sacramento County by striving to preserve their independence and self-determination.

The IHSS program staff includes social workers who determine an IHSS consumer’s needs for in-home care.

IHSS Payroll: (916) 874-9805 (#1 then #5)

IHSS Public Authority

The County of Sacramento Board of Supervisors established the In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority (IHSSPA) as part of a continuum to help elderly and/or disabled adults and disabled children ("consumers") remain in their own homes with the support of in-home care (from "caregivers"). The Public Authority negotiates wages and benefits for IHSS caregivers, provides registry services to assist IHSS consumers in finding caregivers, and provides access to training for IHSS consumers and caregivers.

Note: The IHSS consumer is responsible for hiring, firing, and supervising a caregiver. The consumer should interview potential caregivers, negotiate a work schedule, identify the work to be done, and sign timesheets.

Caregiver Registry (916) 874-4411, provider orientation and classes (916) 875-5788 Email: hhs-pa AT saccounty DOT net; Caregiver Registry: IHSS-PA-Caregiver-Registry@saccounty.net


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