617 Munroe Street, Sacramento
(near Lemon Grass Restaurant near Fair Oaks Blvd. & Fulton Ave.)
(Please fill in hours)
(916) 972-7877

Joshua Pup's is a little hole in the wall bar that hides a clientèle of real estate agents and mortgage brokers. This place is even more unusual in that all the staff seem to be women! They seem to stop short of dancing on the bar, and don't dress quite like the gals at Hooters, but the place definitely seems designed to entice the thirty-something boys, and they actually have a dress code! No sport jerseys and ripped jeans here. Drinks at Pup's are pretty good, though not the best mixes in Sac. A very large flat-screen television hanging over the fireplace dominates one corner of the bar, with smaller televisions hanging closer to the full service bar. Prices at Pup's are average to high, with Patron shots running about $5. There's a small outdoor patio with heat lamps which makes a nice refuge for smokers. The bathrooms at Pup's are definitely clean, as one would expect from their clientèle. Word of warning: never run a tab at Pup's, because on at least one occasion they managed to lose a credit card.

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