1148 Fulton Avenue
11:00am - 9:30pm Daily
Price range
($10-20 per person for dinner)
Payment Methods
Cash, all major Credit Cards

Home to the only southern Indian food restaurant you will find in the Sacramento area. This place is known for their buffet which has at least 16 entrees, naan and tons of side dishes to choose from, including samosas. Usually there is always tandoori, chicken tikka masala, chicken curry, lamb curry, various vegetable curries and various southern specialties. The dinner buffet runs about 12 dollars on weekends and comes with tea. The lunch buffet is much cheaper.

Some info originally from Davis Wiki.

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2007-04-24 10:52:00   All the dishes you mention sound familiar to me. What's the difference between southern Indian food and any other regional Indian food? —ClaireStJohn

  • the southern dishes tend to very from week to week, the usual indian dishes are always the same, hence not to get peoples hopes up i did not include things that were not always there. Also many of the southern dishes are on the regular menu rather than the buffet. This all added with the fact that i do not remember the names of the southern dishes (since ive only had it here and once in LA) made it so that i could not specify those dishes. People are welcomed to edit.

2007-05-24 14:40:13   I think it is pretty good. Some of the South Indian dishes include idli, sambhar and rasam(these are just from the buffet). Most of the other stuff is common Indian food. I think there is more South Indian food in the menu...I haven't tried that though. —shch