"Allen Maxwell and Nicola Miller meet at Land Park's own Tower Theatre in January of 1998. While bonding over cute girls and double-jointed fingers, Allen and Nicola become really good friends. Sometime in 1998 they form a band with the infamous Rob(ert) Austin, called Slumber Party. They start out practicing in Nicola's mom's garage, until a boring Land Parker writes a mean note telling them they are making too much noise. They quietly move their instruments and begin to practice at The Loft. Slumber Party then tours the Pacific Northwest, puts out a tape (yes, a tape), and then breaks up. Allen Maxwell continues to spend many hours recording on a four-track recorder in his room, writing beautifully sad and sometimes hopeful, pop songs. Even though Allen is a star on his own, he decides to form a band, to help tame down his celebrity. Allen hires Nicola as his full time drummer. She signs a contract stating she will be the drummer to his bass for at least 20 years. Nicola and Allen soon meet Allen Campos and quickly see that he is "the one." Campos' unusual guitar tunings and brilliant guitar parts fit well with this drum and bass team. However, the threesome knew something was missing. The missing link was Allen's old Arcata band mate and college friend Heather Conway. Heather moves to Sacramento to play rhythm guitar and sing with the Allens and Nicola. It was clear in Arcata, and is still clear now that Allen Maxwell and Heather Conway were born to sing together. This foursome decides to call themselves Knock Knock. They play many shows over the next two years and record a six song CD at Dillon’s house. Soon after, Allen Campos leaves the band to join the circus. Now Knock Knock is left without a lead guitarist. Heather demands that her brilliant husband Mike join the band. With the threat of divorce dangling over his head, mike quickly teaches himself how to play the guitar and joins the band. Though mike was thought to be a temporary solution to a long-term problem, he ended up joining the band permanently. Some speculate that Mike stayed in the band because they know of Heather's desire to keep Mike at her side, in case she needs the back of her dress zipped up or something heavy lifted. However, the band knows the truth. Mike stayed because he's an amazing guitar player and singer/songwriter that mixed perfectly into the Knock Knock cocktail. Knock Knock continued to play shows and in 2004 recorded their first full-length album, called Warm Fronts, Cold Shoulders. Young musical genius and Wilde Records CEO Alec Roberts recorded this album in his basement. Though never reaching platinum, the album was really fucking good. In fact, it was so good that both David Paul's mom and Vince's cat, Nitro, loved it! Time passes, and knock knock continues to write songs, practice, eat dinner at Pho Boc, play shows, and soon find themselves back in the studio. In summer of 2007 Knock Knock works with Sacramento's own Tony Cale, and records their second album. They even get the CD mastered. After much deliberation, the album is titled Girls on the Run. Allen works with Cody to come up with artwork, Alec puts the CD out on his label, and presto, the new CD is born (but not yesterday). Knock Knock is proud of the new CD. They continue to work on new songs, and have 5, 4, or maybe 6 new songs in the works. However, they sadly can no longer have Thursday night band dinners because Allen is a dork and has to go to bed early." (From their myspace http://www.myspace.com/knockknocktheband)


  • Grils on the Run (2007)

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