July 25th 2008 at Concert In The Park Lite Brite is a local band in the music scene. Eddie Underwood on vocals, guitar and keyboard, Robert Lander on bass and vocals and Matt Underwood on percussion. They cite as influences Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Pavement, and John Williams.

Their album was released on 2008-06-27.


Lite Brite (Self Titled)

Lite Brite's first, self produced and self titled album. Full length album released 06-27-2008. Features Eddie Underwood (Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Lap Steel, Omnichord, Claves), Matt Underwood (Drums, Percussion, Omnichord, Djembe, Cabasa and Backing Vocals) and Robert Lander (Bass and Backing Vocals). Recorded at Ex'Pression College For Digital art in Emryville, CA by ARP Class 60 and at The Hangar Studios by Matt Underwood. Produced by Matt and Eddie Underwood. Mixed by Matt Underwood. Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monsterlab Audio.

  1. Big City

  2. The Hillside

  3. Goodbye

  4. Green Trip

  5. My Starlight Lover

  6. Snow Girls

  7. Someone's Listening

  8. Immortal Me

  9. Shine On

  10. Glad to Have Know Ya

Volkswagen Space Shuttle EP

3 song EP released 02-27-2009. Features Eddie Underwood (Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards), Matt Underwood (Drums) and Robert Lander (Bass). Produced by Joe Finocchio. Engineered by Joe Finocchio, Robert Cheek, Bryce Gonzales, and Patrick Elliot at The Hangar Studios. Mixed by Joe Finnochio and Patrick Elliot at Different Fur Studios. Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monsterlab Audio.

  1. Space Shuttle

  2. How The Sun Shines Your Name

  3. Presence

Lite Brite's new EP, Volkswagen Space Shuttle is available for free download at their website: