The Live Manikins are a collection of five individuals who came together for the common cause of making honest music. Assembling from across Northern California, the five met in Sacramento and formed a group with the aim to create sounds that would bring people together and open their minds. With a mix of conscious vibes, party rocking energy and a goal to give people something new and fresh to listen to, the Live Manikins took 5 individuals and made 1 unique sound.

The Live Manikins recently won the 2008 Sammies Critics' Choice Awards for Outstanding Live Performance and Outstanding DJ/Turntablist

"A near flawless release from one of the most charismatic hip-hop groups since Digital Underground" ~Sacramento News & Review

"A virgin listen to Still Life is akin to hearing A Tribe Called Quest's The Low End Theory for the first time." ~Sacramento News & Review

""Anywhere" isn't about that thuggish stuff that tends to get people uptight. The song is all about an uplifting vibe, with soulful backing vocals and a choice flute sample to keep the good feelings flowing." ~Sacramento Bee

"Hip-hop needs new superheroes. Sacramento-based Live Manikins prove that underneath their seemingly normal facade is a group whose combined abilities can only be described as extraordinary." ~Sacramento State's Local Slice

"Sounds like indie hip-hop mixed with cognizant cartoons and old school b-boy reverberations with such songs as “Rock the Mic."" ~UBO Magazine

"Live Manikins, a group from Sacramento, emphasized uplifting themes in its [...] performance." ~The Record Newspaper

"With beats that take you straight back to '93, and rhymes that are friendly to the ears, it's hard not to stop and take a listen." ~The Legend Magazine

Live Manikins came in 1st place for Hip Hop in Northern California & were Semi-Finalists in Bodog's Nationwide Battle of the Bands.


  • Still Life(2007)

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