Neighborhood Service Department Area
Area 1
Neighborhood Association Group
Midtown Business Association
Council District
City Council District 3
Neighborhood Boundaries
W St. on the South, Alhambra Blvd. on the East
C St. on the North
and 16th St on the West

Although the exact boundaries vary depending on who you ask, the term Midtown is generally used to describe the area located between 16th Street on the West, Alhambra Boulevard on the East, C Street on the North and W Street on the South. Located within Midtown are several smaller neighborhoods including: Capitol Park, Boulevard Park, Lavender Heights, Marshall School, New Era Park, Newton Booth, and Poverty Ridge.

Midtown is known for its nightlife and is the heart of Sacramento's restaurant and bar scene. Even though most places close at 2am this is the liveliest part of Sacramento at night. There are quite a few bars, restaurants, and music venues.

Midtown is a very trendy neighborhood, with lots of little diners, bars, salons, and boutique shops sprinkled throughout a mostly residential area. This is also home to Sacramento's largest gay community (aka Lavender Heights) and is generally considered to fall between 16th Street and 32nd Street on two sides and between B St. and W Street at its other borders. However, when people are referring to Midtown they are often referring to the business corridor that runs between G and R streets. (Downtown Sacramento generally falls between 3rd and 16th St., and Old Town (aka Old Sacramento) is between Front St. and 2nd St.)

There are also several interesting clusters of bars at various points. [Someone please describe these better.]

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I'm not sure about that definition...I live on 25th and Bst street for a year. The advertisement for the house said it was located in midtown. So you might want to extend Gst out to Bst.

Well, there are like 2 blocks of B street. I suppose that area could be included.

2005-08-09 16:34:35   Eh, I always looked at it as being bordered by Cap City Freeway on the South and East, the Train Tracks/River to the North, and 15th Street on the West. Sure, the outer fringes aren't quite the place for the hip to-be-seen crowd but it makes for easy in terms geographical landmarks. —RogerClark