• Sacramento is home to a thriving music scene, which is part of its larger cultural scene, and the variety of music genres to be found in the city is as diverse as its population. See below for current and former bands from Sacramento, a list of music venues, Sacramento record labels, and publications dedicated to the Sacramento music scene. Many musicians are in multiple bands and there have been attempts made to track the incestuous relationships between the Sacramento music scene.

Sacramento has a reputation as a center for Dixieland jazz, because of the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee which is held every Memorial Day weekend. Events and performances are held in multiple locations throughout the city. Each year thousands of jazz fans from all over the world visit for this one weekend. 

Sacramento is also home to a recently growing metal and post hardcore scene, spawning new and fresh acts into the national circuit.

Around 2016 a diverse music and art scene began becoming more visible. Street art, art galleries, and the rise of acts such as Hobo Johnson have given the city new life.

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